WI 💙 teamwork & creativity

Our teams all around the world work hard – so it’s also important to have fun together! For example, like our colleagues in the Netherlands: There, the Benelux management and recruiting team got creative with the spray can. Let us tell you in advance: It was colorful, spontaneous and a looooot of fun.  

 The stage for practicing was initially a wall at an old train station in Utrecht. Under professional guidance, our colleagues learned how to handle the spray can and how to spray large areas finely during the team-building workshop.  

 Afterwards, the team created a special WITRON artwork together. The best thing about the final result: The souvenir of the day spent together will soon be hung in the canteen of our office in Vianen.  

For René, Head of Benelux, the WITRON graffiti artwork absolutely reflects our special values: passion, POWER and cooperation.

 How do you like the WITRON artwork? 

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