What do an ultramarathon and working at WITRON have in common? According to Loïc, it’s RUNNING POWER!

It is 11 pm on a Friday night in November 2021. What are you going to do in the next 6 hours? For Loïc it means “Run – just run“, when in this moment he is lacing up his running shoes standing in the starting line of the “Saintexpress”, an ultramarathon night run from Sainte-Catherine to Lyon. 46 kilometers and 1,500 metres of altitude now lie ahead of him.

Loïc is 22 years old and one of our Junior Project Leaders in France – such a career leap is relatively difficult in France, but WITRON makes it possible.

What an ultramarathon and working at WITRON have in common

What does an ultramarathon have in common with working at WITRON? A lot, says Loïc. “At the beginning of the run, you are excited, highly motivated. Then it becomes difficult for hours. You start to doubt yourself and to ask yourself why you are doing this. You start to hate the run. However, once you cross the finish line, you are proud of yourself. Finally, you love it and you want to start again, no matter how hard it was“, the keen sportsman explains.

Loïc feels like this at the beginning of each project: “I know it will be hard at some stage but I am sure that it will work out in the end, and I will be proud of it. No matter how difficult it might become: I love my job.“

WI live WITRON values & culture

What he likes best? “What I appreciate most is the variety of tasks. I like setting up a new WIOSS team from the beginning, and I look forward to growing together with the team and to reaching our goal.“

In his opinion, WITRON particularly stands for family values and authenticity. He is impressed by the CV of some of his colleagues who developed from apprentice or technician (m/w/d) to a leading position but have stayed grounded anyway. “I can really confirm that the WITRON culture is impressive.“

WI got POWER – YOU got POWER! Let’s find a way to combine that: