Retraining, further education, new career start: WI make it happen

A fresh breeze for your career, even if it means a complete professional reorientation? WI make it happen! 💡

As nautical officer, Rolf worked in container shipping for many years – today, he is our mechanical coordinator and in charge of our plant expansion “Plant II North” in Parkstein as project manager.

How come? He decided to retrain and embarked on a completely new career with a shortened apprenticeship at WITRON. “I have never regretted this decision. As retrainee, I was anytime and very well supported by WITRON and the Kolping Bildungswerk”.

Dropping out of studies – what now?

What if the decision for the studies does not meet your expectations? Adrian realized during his chemistry studies that this was not the right thing for him….
Dropping out of studies – what now? Simply follow your passion!

“I got involved with computers pretty early on, even assembling my own. Thus, starting an apprenticeship as IT specialist was only logical after dropping out of my studies.” At the careers fair, Adrian submitted his application with WITRON. Today, he is one of our IT specialists for application development and brings our systems to life with his energy.

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