Netiquette and comment guidelines – our dealings with each other

Welcome to our social media channels and our WI-rock-blog! Nice to have you here. On this platform, we regularly provide you with insights into the WITRON working life and are very much looking forward to your feedback and the exchange.

We place very high value on open and respectful communication with and within our community. Therefore, we also defined guidelines for the netiquette and our dealings with language developments and comments.

We wish to maintain a respectful tone

Please remain professional and respectful. There is no room for non-objective and/or insulting comments.

At WITRON, all people are addressed and welcome regardless of origin, religious denomination, age, sexual identity, or gender – with or without disability.

When do we remove comments?

Any form of discrimination or defamation of people or groups due to their origin, religious denomination, nationality, physical condition, sexual identity, gender, income level, or age is not accepted.

We reserve the right to remove comments which …

  • violate our guidelines
  • were generated automatically/mechanically
  • violate personal rights
  • contain spam and/or sensitive data

All users are responsible for the comments they publish. We also reserve the right to block data sources that violate guidelines.

By publishing a comment on our platforms and channels, you agree that statements are made available to the public and thus can also be quoted.

Guidelines for gender-neutral language

Language not only depicts the world, but also creates it. For this reason, we also deal with gender-appropriate language and want to communicate on our channels accordingly.

As far as possible, we select gender-neutral formulations in our texts, alternate forms and use the colon (Mitarbeiter:innen = employees). We continue to use the generic masculine noun for fast legibility as well – especially in “fast text forms” such as titles or video sections. Basically, the following applies: We wish to communicate as fairly and unambiguously as possible and address everyone by doing so.

Finally, one more information for you: Language develops – and we do as well. The editorial team reserves the right to adapt and modify the netiquette and defined rules at any time. (Date: 12/2021)

Contact us!

Please feel free to contact and/or send your feedback to the editorial team anytime: