Little ice hockey stars rock the rink!

Put on your skates, get on the rink and off you go – that’s how the “KIDS ON ICE” day works.

Little ice hockey stars play the leading role on KIDS ON ICE Day. Image copyright: Christian Kaminsky.

What is it all about? Early practice is the key to becoming a pro. The Young Blue Devil team around Jens Maschke, who manages and coordinates the young teams, regularly organizes a “KIDS ON ICE Day” offering children the opportunity to make their first steps on the ice and to meet their Blue Devils idols.

On this day, players from the 1st team help the children move on the ice and give them some advice: This time for example, goalie Ennio Albrecht himself was in the goal while the young future hockey players were encouraged to shoot penalties.

Exercise, fun and getting kids enthusiastic about ice hockey – as the main sponsor of the Young Blue Devils Weiden team, pictures like this one make us very proud.

Your way into the team: Check out beginners training

Want to learn how to skate? Here you find all the info for the registration to the beginners training of the Young Blue Devils team in Weiden:

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