Honor to whom honor is due

We want to honor heroic deeds appropriately. In this case, we are paying special tribute to our BräuWirt employee Nikolas.

We pay special tribute to the unprecedented civil courage of our BräuWirt hero! From left: Works Council Anton Adam, Nikolas Schöner, and HR managers Karina Mikuczynski and Thomas Gebert. Image: WITRON Group.

During his shift, there was an epee attack in Weiden. He courageously intervened and lunged at the attacker – this has possibly saved lives. “I saw the situation, recognized the danger […] and then decided to do my best,” he tells us.

Enough reason for us to invite him to our headquarters, where the works council and HR managers presented our hero with a bonus and expressed their special thanks for his efforts.

Daring, unprecedented, honorable: This kind of courage deserves a lot of respect. It makes us proud to have employees like him in our team.

We are convinced : Our WITRON community does heroic things on the job every day. 

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