Dual studies with WITRON

Dual studies at WITRON? Sure! In addition to 300 apprentices in 17 apprenticeships, we also employ dual students. After 4.5 years, they have both their professional and bachelor’s degrees in their pockets through the combination of theory and practice. Two of them are Tobias (electronics) and Ulrich (IT). 

What does Tobias recommend looking back? “You should definitely have stamina in dual studies!” He awards us and the dual student class in Weiden plus points in terms of experience.   

For Ulrich the start as a dual student was ideal, as well – gaining practical experience and having his own income. It’s a win-win situation for Ulrich: “In a pure study program, I would have lacked the practical experience and the connection to a company. At the beginning of the training, we received very helpful training from WITRON. In six weeks, we got a taste of different programming languages and already got the first taste of vocational school and studies.” 

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