10 years with WITRON: Our jubilees and their wisdoms

One decade. That is a proud period of time – and extremely valuable, especially when it comes to employees who have been contributing their ideas, energy, and passion to the success of the WITRON Group for such a long time (or even longer).

Joachim, Labinot, Nenad and Mirza (from left to right) have been bringing in their POWER for the WITRON Group for more than 10 years. Copyright: WITRON.

73 colleagues among us – all over the world – celebrated their 10th anniversary with us last year. Among them: Joachim Schmuck, Nenad Todorovic, Labinot Osmani and Mirza Jasarevic who received their certificates and gifts together at a small ceremony at the Wels site. They can all proudly look back on their careers at WITRON.

When asked what keywords they would use to describe their job and the last 10 years with us, we could see clear parallels. For example: Challenging. Exciting. Cooperative. Instructive. They report about great helpfulness in the team and innovations achieved together.

WITRON wisdoms for newcomers

But as “old hands”, what advice would you actually give to WITRON newcomers at the beginning of their career at WITRON? Here is a brief insight:

Important: A sincere “thank you” of course goes out to all jubilees for their commitment and loyalty over the past decade!

As a WITRON newcomer, take these words of wisdom to heart and become part of the team!

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